vCloud Director for Service Providers | 19 OCT 2017 | Build 6878548 (installer build 6883868)

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What's in the Release Notes

These release notes cover the following topics:

System Requirments and Installation

For information about system requirements and installation instructions, see the vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide.


To access the full set of vCloud Director 8.10 documentation, go to the VMware vCloud Director 8.10 Documentation Center.

Known Issues

See the vCloud Director 8.10.1 for Service Providers Release Notes for Known Issues.

Resolved Issues

  • Catalog synchronization failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause catalog synchronizations to time out.

  • HTTP server failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause an internal server error when trying to download SAML metadata of vCloud Director org.

  • Certificate regeneration failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause a certificate regeneration to fail with a Cannot remove entity id for SAML error message after an upgrade from 8.7.1 to 8.10.1.

  • Resource limit change for a vCloud Edge Gateway

    Resolves an issue where the memory limit for a compact and full-4 Edge Gateway was insufficient. Memory was increased from 512MB to 2048MB.

  • Update operation failure on an LDAP and local user

    Resolves an issue where an update operation on a user with an IsGroupRole = true authority causes the REST API to log an error message:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
    <Error xmlns="" stackTrace="java.lang.NullPointerException:...

  • Performing hardware changes to a VM fails

    Resolves an issue where performing hardware changes to a VM in vCloud Director fails with an error message:

    PBM error occurred during PreMigrateCheckCallback: vmodl.fault.InvalidArgument;
  • vCloud API failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause a vCloud TASK API to fail with an internal server error.

  • Multiple cache organization tasks being logged

    Resolves an issue that could cause the vcloud-container-info.log file to contain too many informational messages, for example:

    INFO | task-service-activity-pool-... | ....LIBRARY_CACHE_PUBLISHED_ITEMS (...)
  • Slowness observed in the opening VM Properties and opening the Add to My Cloud workflow dialogue boxes.

    Resolves an issue where, after upgrading VCD, users observe that certain elements of the vCloud Director Web interface have a slower response time than they had previously.

  • Catalog synchronization failure when deploying a vApp Template

    Resolves an issue where deploying a vApp Template fails to synchronize the catalog with the following error message:

    IP mode '1' is only supported on IP properties
  • Catalog synchronization failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause a catalog synchronization operation to fail with an Invalid NAT rule error message.

  • Password change failure

    Resolves an issue where changing the password of the administrator account fails if you select Force customization.

  • Degraded performance due to insufficient memory

    Resolves an issue that could lead to an insufficient memory reservation of the NSX Edge VMs, which might cause poor performance.

  • Catalog synchronization failure

    Resolves an issue where synchronization of a remote catalog item fails with an out of memory, causing the vCloud Director cell to crash.

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