If your vCloud Director installation includes multiple cloud cells running behind a load balancer or NAT, or if the cloud cells do not have publicly-routable IP addresses, you can set a public web URL.

During the initial configuration of each cloud cell, you specified an HTTP service IP address. By default, vCloud Director uses that address to construct the organization URL that organization users access to log in to the system. To use a different address that uses the default cell certificate, configure a public web URL.


  1. Click the Administration tab and click Public Addresses in the left pane.
  2. Type the vCloud Director public URL, beginning with http://.
    If you are using a load balancer, set the public web URL to the load balancer's IP (ex. http://LoadBalancerIP. If you are not using a load balancer, you must include /cloud at the end of your public web URL (ex. http://cellIP/cloud).
  3. Click Apply.


When you create an organization, its organization URL includes the public web URL instead of the HTTP service IP address. vCloud Director also modifies the organization URLs of existing organizations.