After you provide all of the information that the Setup Wizard requires, you can confirm your settings and complete the wizard. After the wizard finishes, the login screen of the vCloud Director Web Console appears.

The Ready to Log In page lists all the settings you have provided to the wizard. Review the settings carefully.


Verify that you have access to the vCenter Server system initially registered to your installation, and to that vCenter Server system's associated NSX Manager. The vCloud Director Web Console requires access to the installations of vCenter Server and NSX Manager that you want to configure as part of this vCloud Director installation. These installations must be running and configured to work with each other before you finish this task. For more information about the configuration requirements, see vCloud Director Hardware and Software Requirements.


  • To change a setting, click Back until you get to the page where the setting originated.
  • To confirm all settings and complete the configuration process, click Finish.


When you click Finish, the wizard applies the settings you specified, then starts the vCloud Director Web Console and displays its login screen.

What to do next

Use the displayed login screen to log in to the vCloud Director Web Console using the user name and password you provided for the system administrator account. After you have logged in, the console displays a set of Quickstart steps that you must complete before you can use this cloud. When the steps are complete, the Guided Tasks are enabled, and your cloud is ready for use.