You are an organization administrator.


  1. Click Catalogs > My Organization's Catalogs.
  2. On the vApp Templates tab, right-click a vApp template and select Properties.
  3. On the General tab, modify the vApp template name and description.
  4. Select a vApp creation option.
    This option applies when creating a vApp based on this template. It is ignored when building a vApp using individual virtual machines from this template.
    Option Description
    Make identical copy vApps that are created from this vApp template must follow the guest operating system settings of the vApp template. If you select this option, and guest customization is enabled, the guest operating system is personalized.
    Customize VM settings Guest operating system is personalized regardless of the vApp template settings, and the guest operating system is personalized when the vApp is deployed. This option requires that a supported version of VMware Tools be installed on all virtual machines in the vApp.
  5. Choose whether or not to mark the vApp template as a Golden Image in the catalog.
    If you mark a vApp template as a Golden Image, this information appears in the list of vApp templates.
  6. To reset the vApp template storage lease, select the Reset lease check box and select a new storage lease.
  7. Click OK.