You can configure the Internet Explorer proxy server to bypass certain Web addresses.

If all of these conditions exist, you can configure Internet Explorer to bypass specific Web addresses.

  • The internal network is configured with a proxy server to access the external network.
  • The browser's proxy server connection has no local exceptions.
  • The proxy is not configured to look in the internal network after not finding or connecting to the target on the external network.
  • The user looks for a target on the internal network using Internet Explorer.


  1. Type the IP address of the cell or load balancer so that VMware Remote Console (VMRC) can bypass the proxy setting.
  2. Select Tools > Internet Options.
  3. On the Connections tab, click LAN Settings in the bottom panel.
  4. In the Proxy Server panel, click Advanced.
  5. In the Exception panel, in the Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with: text box, type the IP address of the cell or load balancer.
    If the configuration management vehicle supports the use of regular expressions, you must type the DNS name of the cell or load balancer.
  6. Click OK.


The specified Web addresses are bypassed by the Internet Explorer proxy server.