vCloud Director for Service Providers | 19 OCT 2017 | Build 6875354 (installer build 6875852)

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What's in the Release Notes

These release notes cover the following topics:

System Requirments and Installation

For information about system requirements and installation instructions, see the vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide.


To access the full set of vCloud Director 8.20 documentation, go to the VMware vCloud Director 8.20 Documentation Center.

Known Issues

See the vCloud Director 8.20 for Service Providers Release Notes for the list of Known Issues.

Resolved Issues

  • Incorrect status update for VMs storage profile or disk-level storage

    Resolves an issue that could cause a VM storage profile or disk-level storage profile to be updated incorrectly when the VM is included in a recompose operation. This fix ensures that PvdcComputeGuaranteeValidator runs even when the deployment fails in Pay-As-You-Go allocation model. With this fix, the undeploy workflow ignores the VM deployment state if the undeploy operation is called with a force=true flag.

  • Failure on catalog synchronization

    Resolves an issue that could cause the catalog synchronizations to time out.

  • Catalog item synchronization failure

    Resolves an issue that causes a catalog synchronization failure when trying to synchronize a content library item from a remote vCenter Server instance.

  • vCloud API call failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause a vCloud API GET request to a task object to fail with an internal server error.

  • Catalog synchronization failure

    Resolves an issue that could cause synchronization of vApp templates across vCloud Director sites to fail with the following error message:

    Error during content upload: Invalid NAT rule containing vAppScopedVmId ... and nic index 0. 
    Either the VM is not connected to the network or it is configured with DHCP addressing mode. 
    NAT rule cannot be configured for nics with DHCP addressing mode.
  • Failure to move virtual machines between shared datastores 

    Resolves a storage issue where moving a virtual machine from one shared datastore to another fails. 

  • Catalog synchronization failure when deploying a vApp Template

    Resolves an issue where deploying a vApp Template fails to synchronize the catalog with the following error message:

    IP mode '1' is only supported on IP properties
  • Multiple cache organization tasks being logged

    Resolves an issue that could cause the vcloud-container-info.log file to contain too many informational messages, for example:

    INFO | task-service-activity-pool-... | ....LIBRARY_CACHE_PUBLISHED_ITEMS (...)
  • User with assigned vAppUser role unable to share vApps

    Resolves an issue where a vAppUser is unable to share vApps even if the user account had vApp_Sharing permissions.

  • Failure to revert VM snapshots

    Resolves an issue that could cause reverting to a virtual machine snapshot to fail with the following error message:

    Reverting to Snapshot for Virtual Application ... com.vmware.ssdc.util.LMException: 
    File []/vmfs/volumes/... was not found.
  • Failure to allocate an external IP address and a gateway IP address

    Resolves several issues in managing the allocation of external IP a gateway IP addresses during VM boot and runtime when the NAT service is enabled and IP Translation is set manually. The symptoms of these issues include:

    a) Cloned vApps that use external IP addresses configured manually for NAT translation did not receive a correct secondary IP addresss of the edge.
    b) Changing the external IP address for NAT translation manually, regardless of whether the vApp was running, resulted in two IP addresses being assigned to the  secondary uplink IP address list of the edge.
    c) Manually changing from IP Translation to Port Forwarding when the vApp was powered off resulted in the external IP address being still allocated to the edge and assigned to its secondary IP address list.

  • Failure to delete Organization VDC

    Resolves an issue that could cause various operations to fail with the following error message:

    No resource pools backing the supplied Org VDC:
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