vCloud Director for Service Providers | 30 AUG 2018 | Build 9814592

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

System Requirements and Installation

For information about system requirements and installation instructions, see vCloud Director 8.20 for Service Providers Release Notes.


To access the full set of vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers documentation, go to the VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers Documentation.

Resolved Issues

  • When the runtime lease of a vApp expires, the vApp instance enters in a suspended state

    After a runtime lease of a vApp expires, the default action is to suspend the vApp instance. To power off the vApp, use the vCloud API tо set the value of the vApp PowerOffOnRuntimeLeaseExpiration property to true.

  • When virtual machine quota runs incorrectly, it counts VMs against the user who powers them on instead to the user who owns them

    When an orgAdmin powers on a vApp owned by another user, the powered on vApp is counted against the orgAdmin quota instead of the owner quota.

  • Non-Advanced edge Diffie-Hellman configuration changes after an upgrade from NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.3

    After an upgrade from NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.3, the default Diffie-Hellman configuration is overwritten, causing IPSec VPN tunnel connectivity to fail.

  • When you enable Change SID, applying Guest OS customization for a Windows 2016 guest operating system results with a failure

    If during customization of a vApp guest operating system with Windows 2016 template you enable the Change SID option in the customization settings of the VM, you are prompted to change the administrator password. Thus, applying the custom settings to the operating system fails. The customization completes with success when the password changes automatically.

  • The WebMKS console might hang when running on virtual machine with Windows 10 guest operating system

    When you open or close the Start Menu on a Windows Server 10 guest operating system, the native HTML5 console might enter into a hang state.

  • After an upgrade to vCloud Director 8.20, the vCloud Director client UI performance slows down

    When you attempt to open an object or execute an action from the vCloud Director client UI (for example, open VM properties or deploy a vApp template from a catalog), the client UI performs slow. This is due to a high CPU utilization.

  • In an organization virtual data center with installed NSX Edge 6.4.0, enabling High Availability for the existing Edge Gateways results with a failure

    When the following setup takes place in the vCloud Director virtual data center environment:

    • the NSX Edge 6.4.0 is installed in the organization virtual data center;
    • there are Edge Gateways attached to the virtual datacenter network and belong to a datastore cluster;
    • the datastore cluster is enabled with storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

    you cannot enable High Availability for the existing organization virtual data center Edge Gateways.

  • In Chrome only the latest version of vCloud Director Client Integration Plug-In works with vCloud Director

    In Chrome you can upload or download files from the browser only if you use the latest version of the Client Integration Plug-In with vCloud Director This is due to a change in the product code to address system security. To upgrade to the latest version of the plug-in , see Download and Install the vCloud Director Client Integration Plug-In (2145401). With other browsers, older versions of the Client Integration Plug-In can work seamlessly. 

Known Issues

  • LDAP over SSL connection fails after the patch is applied

    vCloud Director uses Java 8 Update 181, which introduces improved LDAP support.

    Verify that you have a properly constructed SSL certificate. For information, see the Java 8 Release Changes at

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