Use the vCloud Director tenant portal to configure the IP pools needed for an advanced edge gateway's DHCP service. DHCP automates IP address assignment to virtual machines connected to organization virtual datacenter networks.

As described in the NSX documentation, the DHCP service requires a pool of IP addresses. An IP pool is a sequential range of IP addresses within the network. Virtual machines protected by the edge gateway that do not have an address binding are allocated an IP address from this pool. An IP pool's range cannot intersect one another, thus one IP address can belong to only one IP pool.

Note: At least one DHCP IP pool must be configured to have the DHCP service status turned on.


For the ability to use the vCloud Director tenant portal to work with an edge gateway's settings, the edge gateway must have already been converted to an advanced edge gateway using the Convert to Advanced Gateway action on the edge gateway in the vCloud Director Web console. See the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide for details.


  1. Launch the tenant portal using the following steps.
    1. Log in to the vCloud Director Web console and navigate to the edge gateway.
    2. Right-click the name of the edge gateway and click Edge Gateway Services in the context menu.
      The tenant portal opens in a new browser tab and displays the Edge Gateway screen for that edge gateway.
  2. In the tenant portal, navigate to DHCP > Pools.
  3. If DHCP service is not currently enabled, turn on the DHCP Service Status toggle.
    Note: Add at least one DHCP IP pool before saving changes after turning on the DHCP Service Status toggle. If no DHCP IP pools are listed on the screen and you turn on the DHCP Service Status toggle and save the changes, the screen re-displays with the toggle turned off.
  4. Configure a DHCP IP pool and add its configuration to the on-screen table by clicking the + icon, specifying details for the DHCP pool in the dialog box, and then clicking Keep.
    Setting Description
    IP Range Type in a range of IP addresses
    Domain Name Domain name of the DNS server.
    Auto Configure DNS Enable this toggle to use the DNS service configuration for this IP pool's DNS binding. If enabled, the Primary Name Server and Secondary Name Server are set to Auto.
    Primary Name Server When you do not select Auto Configure DNS, type your primary DNS server's IP address of your primary DNS server. This IP address is used for hostname-to-IP address resolution.
    Secondary Name Server When you do not select Auto Configure DNS, type your secondary DNS server's IP address. This IP address is used for hostname-to-IP address resolution.
    Default Gateway Type the default gateway address. When you do not specify the default gateway IP address, the internal interface of the edge gateway instance is taken as the default gateway.
    Subnet Mask Type the edge gateway interface's subnet mask.
    Lease Never Expires Enable this toggle to keep the IP addresses that are assigned out of this pool bound to their assigned virtual machines forever. When you select this option, Lease Time is set to infinite.
    Lease Time (Seconds) Length of time (in seconds) that the DHCP-assigned IP addresses are leased to the clients. The default lease time is one day (86400 seconds).
    Note: You cannot specify a lease time when you select Lease never expires.
  5. Click Save changes.


vCloud Director updates the edge gateway to provide DHCP services.