Updated on: 02 June 2017

vCloud Director | 18 MAY 2017 | Build 5439762 (installer build 5515092)

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

This release introduces one new feature.

  • New Cell Management Tool subcommand debug-auto-import
    You can use this command to get more information about why an adopted VM was not imported. See the debug-auto-import command help for information about command options.

System Requirements and Installation

For information about system requirements and installation instructions, see the VMware vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide .


To access the full set of vCloud Director 8.20 documentation, go to the vCloud Director 8.20 Documentation Center.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release of vCloud Director.

  • Foreign key error during vCenter inventory sync
    An issue that caused operations that required vCloud Director to sync with vCenter to hang or fail and log messages of the form
    The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "fk_vm_dst_met_in2vm_inv"
    is resolved.

  • Failed VM deployments leave the VM in a Pending state upon deletion.
    An issue that could cause vApp deployment to fail, logging an error of the form:
    ERROR | task-service-activity-pool-{id} |FutureUtil | Deploying vapp={id}
    and leaving the VM in a state where it cannot be manually deleted is resolved.

  • Excessive logging of ClusterComputeResourcePropertyAggregatorImpl messages
    An issue that caused excessive logging of messages of the form:
    ClusterComputeResourcePropertyAggregatorImpl {message}
    is resolved.

  • Error logged when importing a vCenter VM into an existing vApp
    An issue that caused this operation to fail and log a java.lang.NullPointerException message is resolved.

  • Many spurious warnings in logs
    An issue that caused vCloud Director logs to fill up with spurious warnings of the form:
    VirtualMachineDatabaseProvider | Property changes map indicated a delta in resource pool of a VM, but the values are missing.
    is resolved.

  • Spurious power change events appearing in audit events and Web Console logs
    An issue that caused power change events to appear in audit events and Web Console logs even though no actual power change events had occurred is resolved.

  • vApp boot delay values ignored
    An issue that caused vApp boot delay (Start Wait) values to be ignored and let all VMs in the vApp start at the same time is resolved.

  • Degraded Web Console performance when opening VM Properties and Add to My Cloud dialogues
    An issue that degraded the performance of these and other vCloud Director Web Console dialogues is resolved.

  • All context Help links to the User's Guide are broken.
    Clicking the Help icons (?) on user context tabs and pages in the vCloud Director Web Console now displays the linked Help topic.

  • Running VM quota incorrectly counts VMs that are not powered on
    An issue that caused a user's running VM count to include VMs that are not running is resolved.

  • SSL certificate regeneration fails for organization with SAML IDP
    An issue that caused attempts to regenerate an SSL certificate for an organization's SAML IDP to fail with the message "Cannot remove entity id for SAML" for IDPs with an Entity ID is resolved.

  • HTTP ERROR 500 when trying to download SAML metadata
    An issue that caused the SAML Entity ID to be ignored when set in the vCloud Director Web Console is resolved. This issue caused requests to download SAML metadata to fail with HTTP ERROR 500.

  • Custom roles created in the System organization have no access in other organizations.
    An issue that prevented new roles created in the System organization from having the specified rights in other organizations is resolved.

  • Cannot create routed networks using existing Edge Gateways after completing migration to VXLAN.
    An issue that prevented creation of routed networks that use Edge Gateways that existed before a migration to VXLAN is resolved.

  • Cannot use an IP Set object in an Edge firewall rule in the Tenant Portal
    An issue with Advanced Gateways that prevented creation of a firewall rule that specified an IPSet is resolved. See VMware Knowledge Base article 2149898 for more information.

  • Cannot remove an organization VDC after failed create
    An issue that prevented removal of an an organization VDC after the creation process failed is resolved.

Known Issues

See the vCloud Director 8.20 for Service Providers Release Notes for the list of Known Issues.

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