vCloud Director for Service Providers | 11 NOV 2017 | Build 7033385 (installer build 7034009)

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

System Requirements and Installation

For more information about system requirements and installation instructions, see vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide.


To access the full set of vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers documentation, go to the VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers Documentation.

Known Issues

See the vCloud Director 9.0 for Service Providers Release Notes for Known Issues.

Resolved Issues

  • Password update failure

    Resolves an issue where changing the password for the NSX manager and updating it in vCloud Director fails with Access to the specified resource has been forbidden, error code 0 error message.

  • Failing to identify an external network in vCloud Director

    Resolves an issue where the external networks that are created on a distributed virtual switch(DVS) are not identified by vCloud Director as linked to a pVDC with multiple clusters attached.

  • Missing tunnelID when creating an advanced vCloud Edge Gateway

    Resolves an issue where the vCloud Director API does not return a tunnelID parameter in response to a GET /vdcnetworks request sent against a routed Organization VCD network that has a subinterface enabled.

  • Observing duplicated vApp networks in vCD 9.0 

    Resolves an issue where duplicate vApp networks appear in the vApp Networking Tab when two different distributed virtual switches (DVS) are in use.

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