Use the cell command of the cell management tool to suspend the task scheduler so that new tasks cannot be started, to check the status of active tasks, to control cell maintenance mode, and to shut down the cell gracefully.

To manage a cell, use a command line with the following form:
cell-management-tool -u sysadmin-username -p sysadmin-password cell command
Username of a vCloud Director system administrator.
Password of the vCloud Director system administrator. You must quote the password if it contains special characters.

You can supply the vCloud Director system administrator password on the cell-management-tool command line, but it is more secure to omit the password. This causes the cell-management-tool to prompt for the password, which does not display on the screen as you type.

As an alternative to providing system administrator credentials, you can use the --pid option and provide the process ID of the cell process. To find the process ID of the cell, use a command like this one:
cat /var/run/
cell subcommand.
Table 1. Cell Management Tool Options and Arguments, cell Subcommand
Command Argument Description
--help (-h) None Provides a summary of available commands in this category.
--application-states (-a) None Display the state of each cell application.
Note: This subcommand is deprecated. See Managing Cell Applications for information about the cell-application subcommand.
--pid (-i) Process ID of the cell process You can use this option instead of -u or -u and -p.
--maintenance (-m) true or false Controls cell maintenance mode. The argument true puts the cell into maintenance mode. (You must quiesce the cell first.) The argument false releases the cell from maintenance mode.
--password (-p) vCloud Director administrator password Optional. The command will prompt for the password if you do not supply it on the command line.
--quiesce (-q) true or false Quiesces activity on the cell. The argument true suspends the scheduler. The argument false restarts the scheduler.
--shutdown (-s) None Shuts down vCloud Director services on the server.
--status (-t) None Displays information about the number of tasks running on the cell and the status of the cell.
--status-verbose (-tt) None Displays verbose information about the tasks running on the cell and the status of the cell.
--username (-u) vCloud Director administrator user name. Required if not specifying --pid

Getting Task Status

The following cell-management-tool command line supplies system administrator credentials and returns the count of running tasks. When the Job count value is 0 and the Is Active value is false, you can safely shut down the cell.
[root@cell1 /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin]# ./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell --status
Job count = 3
Is Active = true
In Maintenance Mode = false