PostgreSQL databases have specific configuration requirements when you use them with vCloud Director. Install and configure a database instance and create the vCloud Director database user account before you install vCloud Director.


You must be familiar with PostgreSQL commands, scripting, and operation.


  1. Configure the database server.
    A database server configured with 16GB of memory, 100GB storage, and 4 CPUs should be adequate for most vCloud Director server groups.
  2. Install a supported distribution of PostgreSQL on the database server.
    • The SERVER_ENCODING value of the database must be UTF-8. This value is established when you install the database and always matches the encoding used by the database server operating system.
    • Use the PostgreSQL initdb command to set the value of LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE to en_US.UTF-8. For example:
      initdb --locale=en_US.UTF-8
  3. Create the database instance and give it an owner.
    Use a command like this one to specify a database user named vcloud as the database owner.
    create database vcloud owner vcloud;
  4. Assign a database password to the database owner account.
    The following command assigns the password vcloudpass to database owner vcloud.
    alter user vcloud password 'vcloudpass';
  5. Enable the database owner to log in to the database.
    The following command assigns the login option to database owner vcloud.
    alter role vcloud with login;

What to do next

For additional configuration suggestions, see VMware Knowledge Base article