This vCloud Director Administrator's Guide is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.

Revision Description
18 APR 2019 Removed the vCloud Director and Cost Reporting topic and updated Monitoring vCloud Director.
01 FEB 2019 Updated Customize Public Endpoints to improve the information and add examples.
11 JAN 2019 Updated the description of the Control VM Resource Pool vCenter Path property in topics Connect to NSX Manager and Modify the NSX Manager Settings.
09 JAN 2019 Added an Important note to Step 5 in Create a Provider Virtual Datacenter and to Add a VM Storage Policy to a Provider Virtual Data Center.
28 NOV 2018
  • Added information about the IPv6 support in this release.
  • Updated Discovering and Adopting vApps to add information about discovering virtual machines with IDE hard drives.
05 NOV 2018
04 OCT 2018 Initial release.