vCloud Director 9.5 introduces a new access control model, which includes managing rights bundles and global tenant roles.

Starting with vCloud Director 9.5, service providers can use rights bundles and global tenant roles to manage the rights and roles that are available to each organization.

After you upgrade vCloud Director from version 9.1 or earlier, the system contains the System Rights Bundle, which includes all rights that are available in the system, and a Legacy Rights Bundle for each existing organization. Each Legacy Rights Bundle includes the rights that are available in the associated organization at the time of the upgrade and is published only to this organization. The existing role templates are published to all organizations as global tenant roles, and the existing roles that are unlinked from role templates are available as tenant-specific roles to their organizations.

Note: To start using the rights bundles model for an organization, you must delete the corresponding Legacy Rights Bundle.

For information about managing rights and roles, see the vCloud Director Service Provider Admin Portal Guide.