By taking a snapshot of a vApp, you take snapshots of all virtual machines in the vApp. After you take the snapshot, you can revert all virtual machines in the vApp to the snapshot, or remove the snapshot if you do not need it.

vApp snapshots have some limitations.
  • vApp snapshots do not capture NIC configurations.
  • If any virtual machine in the vApp is connected to an independent disk, you cannot take a vApp snapshot.


  1. On the Virtual Datacenters dashboard screen, click the card of the virtual data center you want to explore, and select vApps from the left panel.
  2. Click Card Icon to view the vApps in a card view.
  3. From the More menu of the vApp for which you want to take a snapshot, select Create Snapshot.
    Taking a snapshot of a vApp replaces the existing snapshot, if there is any.
  4. Click OK.


A snapshot of the vApp is created.

What to do next

You can revert all the virtual machines in the vApp to the most recent snapshot.