You can view virtual machines that are standalone or part of a vApp. You can view virtual machines in a grid view or in a card view.


  1. Click Card Icon to view the list in a card view and, optionally, filter the list of virtual machines from the Look in drop-down menu.
  2. To view the virtual machines in a grid view, click Grid Icon. Or to view them in a card view, click Card Icon.
    The list of virtual machines displays in a grid view or as a list of cards.
  3. (Optional) Configure the grid view to contain details you want to see about each virtual machine.
    1. From the grid view, click the Grid editor icon (Grid Editor).
    2. Select the virtual machine details you want to include in the grid view by selecting the check box next to each detail you want to see.
      Details include information about the hardware version, VMware Tools, memory, and so on.
    3. To save your changes, click OK.
    The selected details appear as columns for each virtual machine.
  4. (Optional) From the grid view, click Context menu on the left of a virtual machine, to display the actions you can take for the selected virtual machine.
    For example, you can shut down a virtual machine.
  5. To access the interface for the guest operating system of the virtual machine, click the desktop icon in the upper right corner of the card view.