You can create a new vApp based on a vApp template stored in a catalog to which you have access.

If the vApp template is based on an OVF file that includes OVF properties for customizing its virtual machines, those properties are passed to the vApp. If any of those properties are user-configurable, you can specify the values.


  • Only organization administrators and vApp authors can access vApp templates in public catalogs.
  • vApp users and above can access vApp templates in organization catalogs shared to them.


  1. From the main menu (), select Libraries, and select vApp Templates from the left panel.
    The list of templates displays in a grid view.
  2. Click the list bar (Context menu) on the left of the vApp template you want to deploy as a vApp, and select Create vApp.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description of the vApp.
  4. Select the virtual data center in which you want to create the vApp.
  5. Select a storage policy.
  6. Specify how long this vApp can run before it is automatically stopped.
  7. Specify for how long the stopped vApp remains available before being automatically cleaned up.
  8. Click OK.