vCloud Director for Service Providers | 21 MAR 2019 | Build 12810511 (installed build 12810525)

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:


System Requirements and Installation

For information about system requirements, see vCloud Director 9.5 for Service Providers Release Notes.


To access the full set of product documentation, go to VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers Documentation.


Resolved Issues

  • The Monitoring Chart of the vCloud Director Tenant Portal does not show disk metrics​ for intervals of one hour and half an hour

    When you monitor VMs in the vCloud Director Tenant Portal by using the Metrics Dashboard of the Monitoring Chart, the Disk used latest, and Disk provisioned latest metrics for one hour and half an hour do not appear in the chart.

  • Editing the description of a VM by using the vCloud Director Tenant Portal or the vCloud Director Web Console results in a duplicate metadata entry

    When you edit the description of a VM by using the vCloud Director Tenant Portal or the vCloud Director Web Console, the update creates a duplicate metadata entry.

  • Using the vCloud Director REST API to query an organization VDC or all organization VDCs does not return statuses for fast and thin provisioning

    When you run the /api/query?type=adminOrgVdc or the /api/query?type=orgVdc REST API query, the REST API response body does not contain statuses for fast and thin provisioning.

  • VMware vCloud Director email notification option for organization VDCs fails 

    When you use the "Notify" option from the Organization VDC, the email notification sending fails with the following error message:

    com.sun.proxy.$ProxyXXX cannot be cast to com.vmware.ssdc.backendbase.dao.impl.HibernateUserDao.

  • When you run the vRealize Orchestrator workflow for powering on a vApp, the task appears as failed​

    When you run the Power on a vApp workflow from the service library, the task appears as failed in vCloud Director, but the workflow is executed successfully in vRealize Orchestrator.

  • Applying a filter when you insert media to a virtual machine fails with an error message.

    When you attempt to apply a filter to any field of the Insert Media window in the HTML 5 UI, an error message appears.

    ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'filters' of undefined

  • There is a Null Pointer Exception​ in the stack trace when making OpenAPI GET REST calls to VDC groups

    When you make a GET https://VCD-IP-or-FQDN/cloudapi/1.0.0/vdcGroups request, the responce is 200, but vCloud Director logs a Null Pointer Exception in the stack trace.

  • The advanced edge gateway statistics in the tenant portal do not display graph

    The statistics for an advanced edge gateway do not appear, if the advanced edge gateway has more than 20 connections.

  • Accessing previously bookmarked API explorer links fails

    The API Explorer has a new URL structure that more closely resembles the Provider and Tenant web applications and the old URLs are not accessible.

    Workaround: The issue is resolved in this release. To access the API Explorer, providers must use /api-explorer/provider/ and tenants must use /api-explorer/tenant/ORGNAME/.

  • You cannot view shared VXLAN organization VDC networks though a non-owning organization VDC

    If you configure a multi-clustered environment with a Provider VDC, the shared organization VDC networks are not available in a non-owning organization VDC.

  • When you configure an edge gateway during the creation of an organization VDC with Advanced Gateway, certain options do not take effect when the edge gateway is created

    If you configure an edge gateway during the creation of an organization VDC with Advanced Gateway and you select the Enable High Availability, Create as Advanced Gateway, or Enable Distributed Routing check boxes, the selected options do not take effect when you create the edge gateway.

  • Sharing a network with other VDCs in the organization results in a Null Pointer Exception

    Routed organization VDC networks throw Null Pointer Exception, because the maximum transmission unit (MTU) information is not required for default gateways in NSX 6.4 and a null check is missing.

  • The task details in the UI show incomplete error messages

    If you view the task details information in the HTML5 UI for a failed task, the displayed error message is not clear.

  • Cannot import the OVF file of an exported VM to vCloud Director through the HTML5 UI

    When you export a VM to OVF format, you cannot use it to create a vApp in the HTML5 UI, if the template has a .nvram file type. Importing an OVF with a .navram file disables the Next button in the Create vApp from OVF wizard in the HTML5 UI.

  • Every update of the IPsec VPN configuration on an advanced edge gateway requires the input of the PSK or password

    Enabling, disabling, or updating the IPsec VPN on an advanced edge gateway requires you to enter the Pre-Shared Key or password. 

Known Issues

  • New The vCloud Director WebMKS console sends incorrect Ctrl+Alt+Delete input to the guest OS

    The version of WebMKS, used in vCloud Director,, and 9.7, sends incorrect codes to the guest OS when you send the Ctrl+Alt+Delete input.


    • Use either Internet Explorer or Edge browser.
    • Use the HTML5 Standalone VMRC console.
    • For Windows based machines, use the on-screen keyboard to send Ctrl+Alt+Delete input to the guest OS.
  • In a multi-clustered environment with a Provider VDC, shared networks appear as duplicate networks

    If you configure a multi-clustered environment with a Provider VDC and you navigate to Organization VDC Networks, duplicate shared organization VDC networks appear.

    Workaround: None.

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