You can migrate all vApps, independent disks, and catalog items of one or more organizations from one or more datastores to different datastores.

Before you decommission a datastore, you must migrate all the items stored on that datastore to a new datastore. You might also want to migrate an organization to a new datastore that has more storage capacity or uses a newer storage technology such as VMware vSAN.


Tenant storage migration is a resource-intensive operation that can run for a long time, especially when there are many assets to migrate. For more information about migrating tenant storage, see


  • Determine the storage policies used by the organization VDCs of the target organizations. See Add a Storage Policy to an Organization Virtual Datacenter.
  • Determine the datastores in the storage policies used by the target organizations, see View Storage Policy Properties.
  • For each storage policy containing a source datastore that you want to migrate, verify that there is at least one destination datastore to which to migrate. You can create destination datastores or use existing ones.
  • Log in to the vCloud Director Web Console as a system administrator or with a role that has the Organization: Migrate Tenant Storage right.


  1. On the Manage & Monitor tab, in the left pane, click Datastores & Datastore Clusters.
  2. Right-click a datastore or cluster name, click Migrate Tenant Storage, and click OK.
  3. Select one or more organizations to migrate, click Add, and click Next.
  4. Select one or more source datastores to migrate, click Add, and click Next.
    The wizard lists all datastores in the system.
  5. Select one or more destination datastores, click Add, and click Next.
  6. Review the Summary page, and click Finish to begin the migration.

What to do next

View Ongoing and Completed Tenant Storage Migrations