You can configure certain organization virtual datacenter networks to provide firewall services. You can enable the firewall on an organization virtual datacenter network to enforce firewall rules on incoming traffic, outgoing traffic, or both.

You can deny all incoming traffic, deny all outgoing traffic, or both. You can also add specific firewall rules to allow or deny traffic that matches the rules to pass through the firewall. These rules take precedence over the generic rules to deny all incoming or outgoing traffic. See Add a Firewall Rule for an Organization Virtual Datacenter Network.

System administrators and organization administrators can enable firewalls.


Verify that you have an external routed organization virtual datacenter network.


  1. Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Organization VDCs in the left pane.
  2. Double-click the organization virtual datacenter name to open the organization virtual datacenter.
  3. Click the Org VDC Networks tab, right-click the organization virtual datacenter network name, and select Configure Services.
  4. Click the Firewall tab and select Enable firewall.
  5. Select the default firewall action.
  6. (Optional) Select the Log check box to log events related to the default firewall action.
  7. Click OK.