vCloud Director provides a general-purpose facility for associating user-defined metadata with an object. An administrator or object owner can use the Metadata tab in the object's property page to access an object's metadata.

Object metadata gives service providers and tenants a flexible way to associate user-defined properties (name=value pairs) with objects. Object metadata is preserved when objects are copied, and can be included in vCloud API query filter expressions.

The object owner can create or update metadata for the following types of objects.
  • Catalog
  • Catalog Item
  • Independent Disk
  • Media
  • Organization VDC Network
  • vApp
  • vApp Template
  • Vm
You must be a system administrator to create or update metadata for the following types of objects.
  • Provider VDC
  • Provider VDC Storage Profile
  • Organization VDC
  • VdcStorageProfile


  1. Open the object's Properties page.
  2. Click the Metadata tab.
    This tab displays any existing metadata and allows you to create new metadata or update existing metadata.
  3. (Optional) Create new metadata.
    1. Select a metadata Type from the drop-down control.
    2. Type a Name and a Value for the metadata.
      The name must be unique within the universe of metadata names attached to this object.
    3. Specify an access level for the new metadata item.
      If you are a system administrator, this tab allows you to restrict user access to metadata items that you create. You can also choose to hide the metadata item from any user who is not a system administrator.
    4. Click Add to attach the new metadata item to the object.
  4. (Optional) Update existing metadata.
    1. Double-click an Existing metadata item.
    2. Modify or delete the item.
      Option Description
      Update Update the item's value. You cannot update the name of a metadata item, but you can delete the existing item and create a new one with a different name.
      Delete Delete the item
      Reset Restore an item you have been editing to its previous value.