A VM group is a collection of virtual machines with similar host requirements. The virtual machines must all be in the same resource pool.


You must be a system administrator to create or update a VM group.


  1. VM groups are properties of a resource pool. Select a resource pool from the Resource Pools list under vSphere Properties.
    VM groups in the resource pool are listed on its VM Groups tab. To see a list of all VM groups in all resource pools, click VM Groups under vSphere Properties.
  2. To create a VM group in the resource pool, click the plus sign icon on the VM Groups tab to open the Create VM Group window.
    Give the group a name and click OK.
    After the system creates the group, you can add VMs to it.
  3. To edit a VM group to add or remove VMs, click VM Groups under vSphere Properties, then right-click the group name in the VM Groups list and select Edit.
    Option Action
    Add VMs to the group Select one or more VMs from the upper table and click Add.
    Remove VMs from the group Select one or more VMs from the lower table and click Remove.