An organization VDC network with a routed connection provides controlled access to machines and networks outside of the organization VDC. System Administrators and Organization Administrators can configure network address translation (NAT) and firewall settings on the network's Edge Gateway to make specific virtual machines in the VDC accessible from an external network.

You can create an IPv4 or IPv6 routed network.


  • This operation requires the rights included in the predefined Organization Administrator role or an equivalent set of rights.

  • The organization VDC must include an Edge Gateway. See Add an Edge Gateway.


  1. On the Administration tab, click Virtual Datacenters in the left pane.
  2. Double-click an organization VDC name to open the organization VDC.
  3. Click the Org VDC Networks tab and click Add Network.
  4. Select Create a routed network by connecting to an existing edge gateway.
    1. (Optional) Select an Edge Gateway for this network to connect to.
      If the organization VDC includes more than one Edge Gateway, you must choose one to support the new network. To be able to support another routed network, the Edge Gateway must show a value of at least 1 in the Available Networks column.
    2. (Optional) Specify connection details for the new network.
      If you select Connect directly to an external network, no other network properties can be configured. For routed networks that do not connect directly to an external network, you can specify other options that allow the network to take advantage of NSX networking features. See the NSX Administration Guide for more information about these features.
      Option Description
      Guest VLAN Allowed Select this option to enable tagging of guest VLANs on this network.
      Create as subinterface Select this option to create the network as a subinterface.
      Create as distributed interface Select this option to create the network on a distributed logical router connected to this Edge Gateway.
  5. On the Configure Network page, enter a Network CIDR for the new network.

    Use the format network_gateway_IP_address/subnet_prefix_length, for example,

  6. (Optional) Configure DNS settings for the network.
    If you want DNS services to be available to VMs that connect to this network, you can configure those settings now. You can update these settings later if you need to by editing the properties of this network.
    Option Description
    Use gateway DNS This option, which configures the network to use the same DNS settings as the Edge Gateway, is available only if the gateway has the Use default gateway for DNS relay property enabled.
    Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, DNS suffix If you do not select Use gateway DNS, you can provide your own DNS configuration values
  7. (Optional) Configure static IP addresses for this network.
    If you want this network to reserve one or more addresses for assignment to VMs that require a static IP address, enter the address or range of addresses and click Add. Repeat this step to add multiple static IP pools.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Type a name and optional description for the network.
  10. (Optional) Select Share this network with other VDCs in the organization to make the organization VDC network available in other VDCs in the organization.
  11. (Optional) Create or update metadata for this object.
  12. Click OK to save your changes.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Review the network settings.
    Click Finish to accept the settings and create the network, or click Back to modify the settings.