You can create an organization virtual datacenter network that is connected to the new edge gateway.

This page appears only if you selected Create a new edge gateway.


  1. (Optional) Select Create a network for this virtual datacenter connected to this new edge gateway.
  2. Type a name and optional description for the new organization virtual datacenter network.
  3. (Optional) Select Share this network with other VDCs in the organization.
  4. Type a gateway address and network mask for the organization virtual datacenter network.
  5. (Optional) Select Use gateway DNS to use the DNS relay of gateway.
    This option is available only if the gateway has DNS relay enabled.
  6. (Optional) Enter DNS settings to use DNS.
  7. Enter an IP address or range of IP addresses and click Add to create a static IP pool.
    Repeat this step to add multiple static IP pools.
  8. Click Next.