You can configure vCloud Director to import user and group information from a supported LDAP service. System LDAP settings control how vCloud Director connects to an LDAP service, how often it synchronizes with that service, and how user and group names are mapped to LDAP attributes.

After you connect vCloud Director to an LDAP service, you can import system administrators from the groups and users in the LDAP directory. You can also use the system LDAP settings to import users and groups to an organization, or you can specify separate LDAP settings for each organization. An LDAP user cannot log in to vCloud Director until you import them to the system or an organization.

When an imported LDAP user logs in, vCloud Director validates the supplied credentials with the LDAP service and allows the login if the credentials are valid. vCloud Director cannot create or modify LDAP account information. You must use native LDAP tools to manage KDAP accounts.


vCloud Director does not support hierarchical domains for LDAP authentication.

Supported LDAP Services

See the vCloud Director Release Notes for a list of LDAP services supported by this release of vCloud Director.