After you convert an Edge Gateway to an Advanced Gateway, you can enable the gateway to provide vCloud Director Distributed Routing.

When you enable vCloud Director Distributed Routing on an Edge Gateway, you can create many more organization VDC networks on the gateway. Traffic on those networks is optimized for VM-to-VM communication.


  • NSX installations used by vCloud Director must be configured with one or more NSX Controller nodes. See the vCloud Director Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide.
  • You must be either a system administrator or a user in a role that includes the Organization vDC Gateway: Enable Distributed Routing right.


  1. Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Edge Gateways in the left pane.
  2. On the Edge Gateways tab, right-click the Edge Gateway name and select Enable Distributed Routing.
    If distributed routing is already enabled, the Enable Distributed Routing choice is replaced by Disable Distributed Routing.
    The system prompts you to confirm your choice, then enables or disables the feature.