Public addresses are Web addresses exposed to clients of vCloud Director. Defaults for these addresses are specified during installation. A system administrator can update them if necessary.

In a vCloud Director that consists of a single cell, the public endpoints created by the installer are usually adequate to provide access for API and Web clients. Installations that include multiple cells typically place a load balancer between the cells and the clients. Clients access the system at the load balancer's address. The load balancer distributes client requests across the available cells. Other network configurations that include a proxy or place the cells in a DMZ also require customized endpoints. Endpoint URL details are specific to your network configuration.

SSL Certificates for Customized Endpoints

The endpoints for the vCloud Director Tenant Portal and vCloud Director Web Console require SSL certificates, preferably signed. You must specify a path to these certificates when you install vCloud Director. If you customize any of these endpoints after installation, you might need to install new certificates that match endpoint details such as hostname and subject alternative name.