To configure the vCloud Director details, you customize the appliance template.

When you customize the vCloud Director appliance, you configure the appliance settings, the database, and the network properties. You configure the initial system settings only when deploying a primary appliance, which is the first member of a server group.
Note: Only Step 3 of this procedure is optional. You must complete all other steps to customize the vCloud Director appliance.


  1. In section VCD Appliance Settings, configure the appliance details.
    Setting Description
    NTP Server The host name or IP address of the NTP server to use.
    Initial root password
    The initial root password for the appliance. Must contain at least eight characters, one uppercase character, one lowercase character, one numeric digit, and one special character.
    Important: The initial root password becomes the keystore password. The cluster deployment requires all the cells to have the same root password during the initial deployment. After the boot process finishes, you can change the root password on any desired cell.
    Note: The OVF deployment wizard does not validate the initial root password against password criteria.
    Expire Root Password Upon First Login If you want to continue using the initial password after the first login, you must verify that the initial password meets root password criteria. To continue using the initial root password after the first login, deselect this option.
    Enable SSH Disabled by default.
    NFS mount for transfer file location See Preparing the Transfer Server Storage.
    Note: For information about changing the date, time, or time zone of the appliance, see
  2. If you are deploying the first member of a server group, in section VCD Configure - Required only for "primary" applainces, enter the database details, create the system administrator account, and configure the system settings.
    The database name is vcloud, and the database user is vcloud.
    Setting Description
    'vcloud' DB password for the 'vcloud' user The password for the vcloud database user.
    Admin User Name The user name for the system administrator account. Defaults to administrator.
    Admin Full Name The full name of the system administrator. Defaults to vCD Admin.
    Admin user password The password for the system administrator account.
    Admin email The email address of the system administrator.
    System name The name for the vCenter Server folder to create for this vCloud Director installation. Defaults to vcd1.
    Installation ID

    The ID for this vCloud Director installation to use when you create MAC addresses for virtual NICs. Defaults to 1.

    If you plan to create stretched networks across vCloud Director installations in multisite deployments, consider setting a unique installation ID for each vCloud Director installation.

  3. (Optional) In section Additional Networking Properties, if your network topology requires it, enter the static routes for the eth0 and eth1 network interfaces, and click Next.

    You might need to provide static routes if you want to reach hosts over a non-default gateway route. For example, management infrastructure is accessible only via eth1 interface, while the default gateway is on eth0. In most cases, this setting can remain empty.

    The static routes must be in a comma-separated list of route specifications. A route specification must consist of the IP address of the target gateway and, optionally, a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) network specification. For example,,

  4. In section Networking Properties, enter the network details for the eth0 and eth1 NICs, and click Next.
    Note: All settings are required.
    Setting Description
    Default Gateway The IP address of the default gateway for the appliance.
    Domain Name The domain name, for example,
    Domain Search Path A comma- or space-separated list of domain names for the domain search path of the appliance.
    Domain Name Servers The IP address of the domain name server for the appliance.
    eth0 Network IP Address The IP address for the eth0 interface.
    eth0 Network Mask The netmask or prefix for the eth0 interface.
    eth1 Network IP Address The IP address for the eth1 interface.
    eth1 Network Mask The netmask or prefix for the eth1 interface.
  5. On the Ready to Complete page, review the configuration settings for the vCloud Director appliance, and click Finish to start the deployment.

What to do next

Power on the newly created virtual machine.