After you install and configure all servers in the vCloud Director server group, you must set up your vCloud Director installation. The vCloud Director setup initializes the vCloud Director database with a license key, system administrator account, and related information.

Before you can start the vCloud Director Web Console, you run the VMware vCloud Director Setup wizard, which gathers the information that the Web Console requires to start.

As an alternative to using the VMware vCloud Director Setup wizard, to configure the vCloud Director installation, you can use the system-setup subcommand of the cell management tool. For information about the cell management tool, see the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.


  • Verify that the vCloud Director services are started on all servers.
  • Obtain a vCloud Director product serial number from the VMware License Portal.


  1. Open a Web browser and go to the URL that the configuration script displayed.
    To discover the URL of the VMware vCloud Director Setup wizard, you can also look up the fully qualified domain name associated with the IP address that you specified for the HTTP service during the installation of the first server. To connect to the wizard, go to https:// fully-qualified-domain-name, for example,
    Note: Starting the wizard might take a few minutes.
  2. Review the Welcome page and click Next.
  3. Read and accept the licence agreement, and click Next.
    If you reject the license agreement, you cannot proceed with the vCloud Director configuration.
  4. Enter your vCloud Director product serial number and click Next.
  5. Enter a user name, password, and contact information for the vCloud Director system administrator, and click Next.
    The vCloud Director system administrator has superuser privileges throughout the cloud. This system administrator can create additional system administrator accounts.
  6. Configure the system settings that control how vCloud Director interacts with vSphere and NSX Manager, and click Next.
    1. In the System name text box, enter a name for the vCenter Server folder to use for this vCloud Director installation.
    2. In the Installation ID text box, set the ID for this vCloud Director installation to use when you create MAC addresses for virtual NICs.

      If you plan to create stretched networks across vCloud Director installations in multisite deployments, consider setting a unique installation ID for each vCloud Director installation.

  7. On the Ready to Log In page, review the settings, and click Finish.


When the configuration process finishes, you are redirected to the vCloud Director Web Console login page.

What to do next

Log in to the vCloud Director Web Console with the system administrator user name and password and begin provisioning your cloud. For information about adding resources to vCloud Director, see the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.