If you plan your vCloud Director installation to use network resources from NSX-T Data Center, you must install and configure NSX-T Data Center with at least one NSX-T Manager instance.

NSX-T Manager is included in the NSX-T Data Center download. For the most recent information about compatibility between vCloud Director and other VMware products, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices at http://partnerweb.vmware.com/comp_guide/sim/interop_matrix.php. For information about the network requirements, see Network Configuration Requirements for vCloud Director.

Important: This procedure applies only when you are performing a new installation of vCloud Director. If you are upgrading an existing installation of vCloud Director, see Upgrading vCloud Director and Patching the vCloud Director Appliance.


You must be familiar with NSX-T Data Center.


  1. Install the NSX-T Manager virtual appliance.
    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.
  2. Prepare the ESXi hosts that you want to operate with NSX-T Data Center.
    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.
  3. Create transport nodes and transport zones for your cloud requirements.
    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.
  4. Configure edge nodes and clusters.
    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.
  5. Configure tier-0 and tier-1 routers.
    See the NSX-T Administration Guide.
  6. Configure one or more VLAN or overlay logical switches that you want to import to your vCloud Director installation.
    See the NSX-T Administration Guide.

What to do next

After you install vCloud Director, you can register the NSX-T Manager instance with your cloud. For information about registering an NSX-T Manager instance, see vCloud API Programming Guide for Service Providers.