Organization administrators can configure routed and isolated organization virtual datacenter networks to provide DHCP services.

The DHCP service of an organization VDC network provides IP addresses from its address pool to VM NICs that are configured to request an address from DHCP. The service provides the address when the VM is powered on.


  • This operation requires the rights included in the predefined Organization Administrator role or an equivalent set of rights.

  • Verify that you have a routed organization virtual datacenter network or an internal organization virtual datacenter network.


  1. Click Administration.
  2. In the left pane, select Cloud Resources > Virtual Datacenters.
    A list of virtual datacenters in your organization appears in the right pane.
  3. Right-click a virtual datacenter in the list and select Open.
  4. Click the Org VDC Networks tab, right-click a network name and select Configure Services.
  5. Select Enable DHCP on the DHCP tab.
    Addresses requested by DHCP clients are taken from the DHCP pool shown on this tab. You can edit this pool or create new ones.
  6. (Optional) Create or modify DHCP pools for this network.
    • To edit an existing DHCP pool, select it and click Edit.
    • To create a new DHCP pool, click Add.
    Specify an IP address range for the pool. This address range cannot overlap with the static IP pool for the organization VDC. Every DHCP address pool is created with system-defined values for Default lease time and Max lease time. You can override these defaults if you need to.
  7. Click OK to save your changes.