Add an anti-affinity rule to place a specific group of virtual machines across multiple hosts to prevent simultaneous failure of those virtual machines in the event that a single host fails.


  1. Click My Cloud.
  2. Click VMs in the left pane and click the Affinity Rules tab.
  3. In the Anti-Affinity Rules section, click the New Rule button.
  4. Type a Rule Name for the new affinity rule.
  5. (Optional) Type a virtual machine name or partial virtual machine name and click the blue arrow button to filter the Virtual Machines list.
  6. Select a virtual machine to add to the affinity rule and click Add.
    Repeat this step to add additional virtual machines to the rule.
  7. (Optional) Deselect Enabled to create the rule without enabling it.
  8. Click OK to create the new rule.


vCloud Director places the virtual machines associated with the anti-affinity rule across multiple hosts.