Compliance health checks continuously verify the integrity of a DR Plan and ensure that any changes in the failover environment do not invalidate a DR Plan’s directives when running.

Compliance checks also make sure that the specified protection groups are live on the protected site and are replicating successfully to the target Recovery SDDC. Compliance checks run automatically every 30 minutes for activated plans. A plan can become out of compliance if any of its conditions become violated because of environmental or plan configuration changes.

Failing Compliance checks transition a DR plan into a degraded health state of Warning or Critical. When a plan fails a compliance check, an email is sent to the recipients configured in the VMware Cloud DR settings. Health checks run on a per-plan basis - some plans can have an OK health status, while others can be in degraded states at the same time.

A plan's Compliance state does not restrict failover or test operations. Even if a plan is non-compliant in some areas, you can still run as a failover or test failover plan.

DR Plan Compliance Reporting

Many enterprises have compliance reporting requirements for disaster recovery readiness. With a manual DR plan or with other solutions, creating a DR test or recovery report is a heavy task.

With VMware Cloud DR, this reporting process is completely automated. As a DR Plan is created, tested for compliance, and run, VMware Cloud DR maintains detailed logs of all the actions that were performed, the plans that were completed, and the compliance checks on those plans. You can generate and download these reports as a PDF or have them emailed on an automated schedule.

For more information, see DR Plan Compliance Report.