The cloud file system provides cloud storage for snapshot replication and enables failover operations to a Recovery SDDC.

When you select a cloud file system, you can see the following information:
Cloud File System Information Description
Details Shows the name of the cloud file system and the availability zone where you deployed it.
Capacity Displays two measurements of storage capacity:
  • Protected capacity. The amount of data being protected through snapshot replication.
  • Used capacity. Protected storage capacity being used of the maximum capacity limit of the cloud file system (as a percentage value).
    Note: If you are near the maximum capacity limit, you can delete stale snapshots to get more capacity. You can also change snapshot retention settings in protection groups, or add additional cloud file systems.
Protected sites Lists the number of protected sites (on-premises or VMware Cloud SDDC) replicating snapshots to this cloud file system.
Paired recovery SDDC Displays the Recovery SDDC that is paired with this cloud file system.
Protection Shows a total count of all snapshots taken by protection group and by VM. Also displays the percentage of protected VMs out of the total number of VMs in vCenter.
  • Protected VMs. The total number of VMs being protected by snapshots.
  • Snapshots. The total number of protection group snapshots and VM snapshots taken.
Protection groups Lists configured protection groups, showing the total number of VMs and snapshots for each group.