VMware Cloud DR service roles provide users access to specific features.

The following table provides an overview of VMware Cloud DR roles and the features each role permits. Match the user role in each column with the capabilities in each row.

Note: VMware Cloud DR roles are additive. For example, if you want a user to create snapshots for backup and configure and run DR plans, you must assign the DR Admin and Protecton Admin roles to the user account.

The following table lists all roles and operations related to using the VMware Cloud DR UI.

 Capability DR Admin DR Tester Protection Admin DR SDDC Admin Data Protection Auditor Orchestrator Admin

Configure API token


Edit Access lists

Edit Plans


Plan test


Plan recovery


Deploy a cloud file system

Create and edit protection groups, set snapshot schedules


VM restore, guest file recovery


Deploy DRaaS Connector, create and edit protected sites, DRaaS connectivity check


Deploy/add, edit, delete SDDC


View compliance checks


View data

The following table describes all roles and operations related to recovery regions and subscriptions within the VMware Cloud DR Global Console.
Capability Global Console Admin Deployment Admin (activation) Deployment Admin (deactivation) Subscription Admin

View existing deployments and their metadata.

Create a new VMware Cloud DR deployment in any of the supported regions.

Delete a partial/failed deployment.

Delete any of the existing deployments in any of the regions.

View term subscriptions and pricing

Create new commit subscriptions