After you find good snapshots of VMs, badge them, power off and stage them, you can recover those VMs in the protected site.

When you recover VMs in a protected site where the VMs originated from, you replace the original VMs with the snapshots of the VMs you staged for recovery. The system preserves all the data that is common between the protected site and staged VMs and transfers only differences during recovery.

You can also recover VMs in a different protected site you have configured with VMware Cloud DR. If you recover in another protected site, the other site inventory must match exactly as defined in the recovery plan where the VMs live, or VM recovery will not succeed.


  1. From the VMs list, select one or more VMs.
  2. From the Other Actions menu, click the Recover in Protected Site button.
    Recover multiple VMs in protected site button.
  3. In the Recover in protected site dialog box, confirm that you understand that the VM on the protected site will be replaced (overwritten) by VMs from the staging snapshots.
  4. When the recovery operation finishes, the VMs are is listed as Recovered.

What to do next

You can start validating other VMs, or you can end ransomware recovery for the plan.