During validation, you have the option to either discard or detach staged VMs.

When you discard VMs in the recovery SDDC during validation, VMs are deleted from the recovery SDDC and then moved to the backup state. All staging snapshots, badges, and notes remain. You can also discard VMs that are in the staged state, which moves the VMs back into the backup state.

You can discard multiple VMs at a time.

When you detach a VM to the recovery SDDC during validation, the currently running instance of the VM is renamed, suspended, and no longer tracked as part of the plan. The original VM from the plan is moved to the in backup state. Detaching a VM is useful if you find a VM in an interesting state that you want to save for further analysis after the plan ends.

You can only detach one VM at a time.
Note: When you detach a VM, you must delete the detached VM before starting a new validation iteration of the same VM.


  1. When VMs are in validation, from the VMs list select one or more VMs and from the Other Actions menu, select Discard VM in recovery SDDC.
    Menu item to discard VMs in Recovery SDDC.
  2. In the Discard VM dialog box, badge the snapshots (optional) and then type the phrase to confirm the deletion. Click the Discard VMs button to discard the VMs.
  3. To detach a VM on the recovery SDDC, select a VM from the VMs list and then from the Other Actions menu select Detach VM in recovery SDDC.
  4. From the Detach VM dialog box, enter a name for the new VM, badge the snapshot (optional), and then type DETACH VM to confirm.
  5. Click the Detach VMs button.