After you badge VMs, power them off and stage them, you can recover those VMs in any protected site you have configured with VMware Cloud DR.


If you recover VMs to a protected site different than the site where the VMs originated from, the other site inventory must match exactly as defined in the recovery plan where the VMs originated from, or the VMs will fail to recover.

Note: You must have more than one protected site configured to perform this task. Only protected sites that share the same cloud file system can be used for this operation. For example, if you want to recover VMs from protected site A to protected site B, both protected sites must be registered to the same cloud file system.


  1. From the VMs list of a running recovery plan, select one or more staged VMs.
  2. From the Other Actions menu, select Recover in other site.
  3. In the Recover in other site dialog box, select a different protected site and vCenter to recover the VMs. Under
    Required inventory, all required valid mappings are listed. If the check marks are green, then you can recover the VMs. If any of the mappings are invalid, cancel this dialog box and ensure that the destination inventory mappings match that of the new VMs. Once the mappings are valid, then you can resume this task.
    Recovery in other site dialog box
  4. Click the Recover button.

What to do next

When you have finished recovering VMs, you can end the ransomware recovery plan.