You can set up a protected VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to use the same AWS region for recovery.


In this task, you want to set up a protected SDDC in the same AWS region where you plan to deploy a Recovery SDDC.

Some users are constrained by data residency laws, or have access to only one AWS region, and so must use the same region for both protection (protected SDDC) and backup and recovery (cloud file system and Recovery SDDC).

If you are using only one AWS region for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, when you create a protected SDDC you can select an SDDC that resides in the same region, but different availability zone, than the cloud file system.


  1. In the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery UI, click Sites.
  2. Click the Set up protected site button.
  3. In the Setup protected site dialog box, under Site types select VMware Cloud on AWS.
  4. Under Cloud backup, choose a cloud file system to use with the new protected site. If there is only one cloud file system deployed, then it is already be selected.
  5. Under Time zone, protection group snapshot schedules uses the same time zone as the SDDC you want to protect. Click Next.
  6. On the next page, under Protected SDDC, select an existing SDDC to protect. The UI indicates the AWS region and availability zone for each SDDC.
    If you want to perform backup and disaster recovery operations in the same AWS region, you can select an SDDC that is in the same AWS region but different availability zone as the cloud file system.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the next page, you have a choice to either allow the system to create firewall rules for the DRaaS Connector (recommended). Or, you can manually create those firewall rules from the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery UI. If you are not sure which to select, see Network Considerations for a Protected SDDC for more information.
  9. Click Setup. When the site is set up, it displays as a protected site.