When you start a VM in ransomware recovery, VMware Cloud DR installs a security sensor on the VM that analyzes its behavior and scans its files for malware and known vulnerabilities.

VMware Tools 11.2 or higher is required to install the sensor. VMware Tools must also have the Carbon Black launcher.

For a Windows VM, if VMware Tools 11.2 or later is installed on the VM, then the VMware Cloud DR automatically installs the security sensor when you start the VM when running a recovery plan for ransomware recovery. For Linux VMs, VMware Tools 11.2 or later is required, but the sensor does not install automatically.

You have two methods to install the sensor manually: from vCenter on the recovery SDDC or from the Carbon Black Cloud console.

The network segment the VM is connected to must have internet access, so the VM can reach the security services location within a specific Carbon Black Cloud point of presence (PoP). Make sure that your network and in-guest firewalls do not block access to the URLs listed below.

Common URLs for all Carbon Black Cloud PoPs (UK, US, EU):

URLs for specific Carbon Black Cloud PoPs:


For more information about setting up firewalls to allow access to Carbon Black Cloud, see Configure a Firewall.

Install Sensor from vCenter on Recovery SDDC

You can Enable Carbon Black on Virtual Machines if you do not have access to the Carbon Black Cloud service tile, or if you are a partner using the CPN (Cloud Provider Network) console. When you enable Carbon Black Cloud for a VM, you also install the security sensor.

When you enable integrated security and vulnerability analysis, VMware Cloud DR deploys a Carbon Black Cloud plug-in that allows you to install the sensors from vCenter on the recovery SDDC. VMs must be powered on in the recovery SDDC prior to beginning sensor installation, which is done when you run the plan and install the sensors on Windows or Linux VMs.

Install Sensor from Carbon Black Cloud Console

To install the sensor from the Carbon Black Cloud console, your user account requires at least one Carbon Black Cloud user role.

To install the sensor on aWindows VM, see: Run Plan and Install Windows Sensor.

To install the sensor on a Linux VM, see: Run Plan and Install Linux Launcher and Sensor.