Once a protection group has taken snapshots of the VMs on your protected site, you can restore individual VMs from a snapshot.

VMware Cloud DR restores the VM to the same state it was in when the snapshot was taken, including its vCenter location, configuration, and data.

An example of needing to restore a VM is during a failed software upgrade attempt or when something was accidentally deleted or uninstalled from a virtual machine.

Note: This section shows you how to restore one VM at a time. For multi-VM restore automation, see Recovery Plans.

A few prerequisites before you can restore a VM:

  • There must be at least one snapshot taken of a protection group to restore a VM from the group.
  • Make sure that the VM you are restoring is powered OFF in vSphere before you restore it.


  1. From the left navigation, select Protection groups.
  2. Select a protection group from the list.
  3. Click one of the snapshots associated with the group.
  4. In the list of VMs in the snapshot, click the Restore button next to the VM you want to restore.
  5. In the Restore VM dialog box, you see information that describes the VM and the location to which it will be restored on the protected site.
  6. Click OK to restore the VM.