VMware Cloud DR supports using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect(DX) public or private virtual interfaces (VIFs) for on-premises protected site networks.

AWS Direct Connect provides a dedicated network connection between your on-premises data center and AWS services underlying VMware Cloud DR (also sometimes called VCDR). You can order this connection using your customer-managed AWS account.

AWS Direct Connect allows you to connect protected sites to VMware Cloud DR over the internet. You can target recovery plan failovers to any AWS regions that support Direct Connect.

Direct Connect offers faster speeds and lower latency than with a connection over the public internet, which can increase replication speed to the cloud file system, management traffic, failbacks, and any VMware Cloud DR operation that requires internet connectivity.

Whether you choose to connect through Direct Connect or over the internet, you must configure on-premises firewall rules to open the required ports required to access VMware Cloud DR public IP addresses. For more information, see DRaaS Connector VM Requirements and Service Public IP Addresses.

VMware Cloud DR allows multiple VIFs that you can configure to use the same or different Direct Connect connections for redundancy. You can also configure Direct Connect for VIFs that terminate in the same or different AWS region where VMware Cloud DR is deployed.

For more information, see AWS Direct Connect Resilency Recommendations and AWS Direct Connect Quotas.

AWS Direct Connect Public VIF

With Direct Connect, you can create a public VIF that gives you direct access to all public AWS IP addresses, including VMware Cloud DR components.

For information about Direct Connect and setting up a public VIF, see AWS Direct Connect documentation.

VMware Cloud DR with AWS Direct Connect Public VIF

AWS Direct Connect Private VIF

When your Direct Connect connection has been provisioned, create private virtual interfaces to connect private IP addresses to the VMware Cloud DR Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). From your AWS account, you can creat a hosted private VIF using the account shown in the AWS Account ID text box of the Direct Connect page of the Networking & Security tab.

For information about Direct Connect and setting up a private VIF, see AWS Direct Connect documentation.

See Configure Direct Connect (Private VIF) for instructions on configuring Direct Connect private VIFs with VMware Cloud DR.VMware Cloud DR with AWS Direct Connect Private VIF