If you want to do further analysis of a VM in validation, you can open the VM in the security console ('Carbon Black Cloud console').

Depending on the deployment and your user role, you can use the Carbon Black Cloud console to view information about a VM, investigate threats, manage security policies, view and query audit events, manage workload VMs, and more. For more information, see VMware Carbon Black Cloud on VMware Cloud services Platform User Guide.
Note: Opening the Carbon Black Cloud console requires at least one Carbon Black Cloud user role. For more information, see User Roles.
Note: Currently, if you are using VMware Cloud DR on the VMware Cloud Partner Program, you cannot launch the security console from the VMware Cloud DR UI, or from your organization.


  • From the Analysis tab of a VM during validation, select Open in security console from the Tools menu.
    The Carbon Black Cloud console opens showing details on the VM in validation.