You can purchase a protected storage capacity subscription for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, which you can buy either through VMware, using VMware Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) credits, or from AWS.

Protected storage capacity is the sum of the logical storage size of your protected VMs and the incremental cloud backups you select. You can create up to 10 subscriptions and add anywhere from 10 TiB to 400 TiB, depending on your currently active subscriptions. The cost of added protected capacity is calculated automatically according to the current pricing structure.

You can choose a 1 or 3 year subscription, and either pay for the full amount up front, or select monthly installments. Paying the full amount up front saves considerable costs.

If you need more protected storage capacity for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, beyond what you initially purchased when you signed up, you can create an additional subscription and select the amount of protected capacity you need.

You create new subscriptions in the same AWS region as the one associated with your initial subscriptions and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery deployment.

Consider the following before creating a subscription:
  • You cannot cancel, convert, or modify a subscription after you have ordered it.
  • You must have purchased SPP credits and associated them with your account before you can buy a subscription.
  • If you currently have purchased a paid pilot, it is canceled when you create the new subscription.
  • If you require more than 400 TiB of protected capacity, contact VMware Support for assistance.
Note: Your user account must have the organization owner role to create a subscription.


  1. In the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery UI, click the Subscriptions tab. The Subscription list shows all currently active subscriptions, including a roll up of the total subscribed capacity and total used capacity.
  2. To create a subscription, click Create subscription.
  3. In the Create subscription dialog box, enter the following information: Capacity to add. Enter a number from 10 through 400 (measured in TiB). As you add protected capacity, the dialog box lists your current total and the new total as you add values.
  4. Under Term, select either one year or three years.
  5. Under Payment, select either Monthly installments or In full.
  6. Under Confirm, select the check box to acknowledge your intent to purchase the new subscription.
  7. At the bottom of the dialog box, enter CREATE SUBSCRIPTION in all upper case letters.
  8. When you are ready to purchase the subscription, click Place order.