The Script VM page of the DR plan wizard allows you to add custom scripts to run on a dedicated VM during plan execution as a recovery step.

Both Windows (Powershell) and Linux (Python) are supported for the script VM guest OS. You can use a script VM for testing and for real recovery operations.

Script VM restrictions:

  • The script VM must have VMware Tools installed.
  • The script VM must be available in the environment before the first step requiring a script call. In other words, the Script VM can be recovered as the first steps of a plan, or already running at the target site.
Note: A script VM configured to run on multiple VMs is run sequentially on each target VM in the batch. Be aware that depending on the number of VMs targeted by the script VM, and can take extra time by slowing the recovery completion process.


  1. From the DR Plan > Script VM page, select the Run script VM option.
  2. Enter the VM name on which the script is run and the vCenter where the VM is hosted.
  3. Once you have configured the script VM settings for the plan, you must decide when the script launches when the plan is running.