VMware Cloud DR protects VMware vSphere VMs by replicating them to a cloud file system site and recovering them as needed to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

Service Components

The VMware Cloud DR (sometimes called VCDR) service consists of the following components:

  • Cloud file system. A cloud component that enables the efficient storage of snapshots of protected VMs in cloud storage and allows VMs to be recovered quickly, without requiring data rehydration.
  • Orchestrator. A cloud component that presents a user interface (UI) to automate the disaster recovery process.
  • DRaaS Connector. A virtual appliance installed in the VMware vSphere environment to protect VMs using snapshot replication from protection groups.
  • Protection groups. A configuration component that allows you to create regularly scheduled snapshots of VMs which are replicated to the cloud file system.
  • Recovery plan. An orchestration component that defines the steps required to recover VMs from snapshots from the cloud file system to a recovery SDDC, or to recover VMs from a ransomware attack.

VMware Cloud DR cloud components (cloud file system and orchestrator) are deployed and managed by a VMware Cloud on AWS account dedicated to each tenant.

Service Architecture

The recovery SDDC is created immediately prior to performing a recovery and doesn't have to be provisioned to support replication in the steady state.

VMware Cloud DR components work together from a protected site to cloud backup to a recovery SDDC for failover and failback.

End to End Security

Data transfers to and from protected sites to recovery SDDCs use secure replication, which ensures an SSL connection is established and used for all data transfers.