Welcome to the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation.

Learn how to configure and use Cloud Foundation to deploy and manage your software-defined data center (SDDC). Use the navigation on the left to browse through the documentation available for your release of Cloud Foundation. All Cloud Foundation documentation is also available in PDF format, which you can access by clicking the PDF download icon when you are reading a page or viewing a search result.

About Cloud Foundation

Cloud Foundation is an integrated software stack that bundles compute virtualization (VMware vSphere), storage virtualization (VMware vSAN), network virtualization (VMware NSX), and cloud management and monitoring (VMware vRealize Suite) into a single platform that can be deployed on premises as a private cloud or run as a service within a public cloud. This documentation focuses on the private cloud use case. Cloud Foundation helps to break down the traditional administrative silos in data centers, merging compute, storage, network provisioning, and cloud management to facilitate end-to-end support for application deployment.

Installing and Using VMware Cloud Foundation

You can download Cloud Foundation from the VMware Cloud Foundation page. The VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Guide provides detailed information about the software, tools, and external services that are required prior to using VMware Cloud Foundation to implement a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). For information on deploying Cloud Foundation, see VMware Cloud Foundation Architecture and Deployment Guide .

Upgrading VMware Cloud Foundation

If you are already using VMware Cloud Foundation, you can find information on how to upgrade in the VMware Cloud Foundation Upgrade Guide. Cloud Foundation upgrades are sequential. So in order to upgrade to a release, your environment must be on the version before that release. See VMware Cloud Foundation Upgrade Guide for more information on the prerequisites, step-by-step configuration instructions, and suggested best practices.

VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail

VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail is a solution offering that provides best-in-class serviceability and lifecycle management capabilities for customers looking to automate the deployment and management of the full VMware Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) stack on Dell EMC VxRail.

The VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail Administration Guide provides information about the VMware Cloud Foundation workflow on Dell EMC VxRail. For information about configuring Dell EMC VxRail, the guide provides links to the Dell EMC VxRail documentation.

Additional Resources