Two power strips are supplied with the kits.

Connect a power supply in each server and switch to one of the power strips, and connect the redundant power supply to the other power strip. Connect the power strips to two different power circuits.

  • Power cables should not be in an area where there is a risk of touching sharp edges, excessive heat, or subject to pinching between sliding rails.

  • Verify that each device in the rack has a connection to each power strip. Power cables must be seated properly.

  • VMware recommends that you cable each server to the nearest power port so that the cable length can be kept to a minimum. Length of power cables should be as follows.

    • From the Physical Server: 0.5m

    • From the Top-of-Rack Switch: 1.5m

    It is common for power cables within a rack to be longer than required. However, if excess cabling is not managed properly, it may create electromagnetic interference. Avoid bundling of excess cables as this may lead to the cables being damaged due to bending.