In the Monitor Imaging step of the imaging workflow, you can see the imaging status on all devices in your physical rack.


  1. Click the Imaging > Imaging tab.


    The run details, rack details, and imaging status for the rack are displayed. The devices in the physical rack are displayed in the order in which they will be imaged.


    Note the Run ID. You will need it to retrieve the rack thumbprint after imaging is completed.

  2. Click a device to see information about the imaging tasks completed and in-progress tasks. bb

    It can take approximately 95 minutes for rack 1 to be imaged. After the imaging is completed successfully, the Imaging > Verify tab is displayed.


    During imaging, the password of all rack components except SDDC Manager is set to EvoSddc!2016. The SDDC Manager password is set to a random string, which can be retrieved by an API call.


    For VCE racks, the ScaleIO VIB needs to be manually installed.

    For information on next steps if a device fails to be imaged, see Resume Imaging.