You must ensure that these prerequisites are met before upgrading.

  • Take a back up of your Cloud Foundation system.

    1. Using the root account, SSH in to the SDDC Manager VM.

    2. Navigate to the /opt/vmware/evosddc-support directory.

    3. Type the following command:

      ./sos --backup

      The backup is stored in the /var/tmp directory.

    The SoS tool makes backup files of these components' configurations:

    • ESXi hosts

    • Switches (management, ToR, inter-rack)

    • The three infrastructure (ISVM) virtual machines' Zookeeper server instances and Cassandra distributed database

    • SDDC Manager instances (the virtual machines in each rack with names starting with vrm)

    • The SDDC Manager instances' HMS software components

  • Take a snapshot of all Cloud Foundation VMs - SDDC Manager VM (VRM), ISVMs, LCM VM, and LCM-Backup-Repository VM.

  • The upgrade is applied to the hosts that belong to a workload domain. To upgrade a standalone host, you must add it to a domain by expanding the domain before upgrading.

  • In a multi-rack scenario, the Cloud Foundation version must be the same on all racks. Therefore, if you are planning to add a new rack to your setup, you must first upgrade rack 1 to the latest version before adding the new rack to your environment.